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At Equitrans, we aspire to cultivate a workplace of respect, trust, and teamwork. Equitrans is successful because we value the diversity of backgrounds and views of our employees. Diversity and inclusion must continue to be central to our corporate culture. 

Approach to Diversity & Inclusion

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Diversity of governance bodies and employees


Each Equitrans employee is essential to our continued success and we seek to provide every employee with the foundation and opportunities they need to achieve their goals. This objective begins with our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Equitrans is successful because we value the diversity of backgrounds and views of our employees. Being open to differences that exist within our company has propelled us to where we are today. 

As a major component of our business success, diversity and inclusion must continue to be central to our corporate culture. Whether during our hiring process, allocating work responsibilities, or during promotion considerations, we are committed to making personnel decisions exclusively on the basis of a person’s qualifications, abilities, and potential. Our goal is to create a diverse company where all employees feel safe, included, and able to engage in our success every day. We make a concerted effort to attract, develop, and advance employees from diverse backgrounds including minorities, women, veterans, LGBTQ candidates, and persons with physical or mental disabilities. We are in the process of developing a formalized inclusion program to guide our recruitment process, employee and leadership education, internal employee engagement, facility accessibility, and inclusion-related policies.

In addition, Equitrans is an equal opportunity employer that makes a good faith effort to comply with all employment equal opportunity laws. We also are committed to ensuring that all of our employees feel included at Equitrans, which entails reviewing our policies from an inclusion perspective, implementing manager and employee training initiatives, and inspecting our primary office locations for accessibility. We transparently report our employee demographic information through this report.

Employees by Gender
Employee Demographics
Black or African American1.87%
Hispanic or Latino1.50%
Two or More Races0.50%
American Indian or Alaska Native0.25%
Employees by Age Group
<30 Years Old11%
30–50 Years Old63%
>50 Years Old26%
Managers by Gender
Manager Demographics
Black or African American0.61%
Hispanic or Latino1.83%
Two or More Races0.61%
American Indian or Alaska Native0.00%
Managers by Age Group
<30 Years Old2%
30–50 Years Old69%
>50 Years Old29%

Supplier Diversity

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends beyond our internal operations. As a company, we appreciate the value that supplier diversity brings to both Equitrans and our external supply chain contributors. Minority-owned Business Enterprises (MBE), Veteran-Owned Business (VOB), and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (WBE) are all partners in our success. We commit to seeking, developing, and maintaining a diverse supplier base.

Evaluating Our Approach to Diversity & Inclusion

Equitrans is at our best when each employee maintains equal footing and experiences every opportunity to succeed. As part of our quarterly mailings to our Board members, we include a Human Resources Scorecard that tracks our diversity and inclusion statistics and our diversity initiatives related to hiring. The diversity of our workforce is not reflective of our culture or core values and for several months we have been working to develop and formalize a company-wide inclusion program, which we officially launched in July 2020. Our new inclusion program includes tracking metrics, education for both employees and managers on diversity and inclusion topics, and a continued pledge to target diverse talent during recruitment efforts and through internal promotional opportunities. We also believe that our enhanced remote work policy will help to expand our talent pool by reaching audiences beyond our existing operating region. Through this program and our existing diversity and inclusion efforts, we are confident that Equitrans will continue to be a desirable place for all employees to work.

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Portrait of Diana M. Charletta, Equitrans President and Chief Operating Officer

Our ESG management practices are intrinsic and deliver value that goes beyond financial drivers. Today and in the future, trust and transparency are central to our approach.

Diana M. Charletta, President and Chief Operating Officer

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Equitrans Opposes
Federal Rollback of
Methane Regulations

In September 2019, Equitrans publicly announced its support for the continuation of natural gas industry efforts to reduce methane emissions in light of a proposed rollback of regulations by the EPA. The rollback would affect 40 CFR Part 60 Subparts OOOO and OOOOa by removing methane sources in transmission and storage segments from regulation. Equitrans recognizes the great strides the natural gas industry has made in reducing methane emissions recently and as Diana Charletta, president and chief operating officer of Equitrans, stated “We believe methane controls and reductions should continue to evolve, rather than take steps backward.” We acknowledge that simply achieving regulatory compliance on methane emissions is not enough in order to address the global impacts of climate change. However, by proactively implementing best practices for methane emissions and reducing our overall carbon footprint, we can make a difference in the sustainability of our environment, communities, and business.  

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