2020 Corporate Sustainability Report

Our Sustainability Progress

During the past year, we have continued on our journey to be a premier, top-tier midstream energy company. We are pleased to share our approach to ESG and related, ongoing actions with all of our stakeholders.

Our Framework

A Message for Our Stakeholders

We are proud to pursue solutions that serve customers, create value for shareholders, and support our many stakeholders. Through our Corporate Sustainability Report, we outline the important work we do to ensure our
operations are safe, sustainable,
and responsible.

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Image of hallway and ETRN logo at our Corporate Headquarters in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania
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Southpointe Office
Safety Committee

Recently, the Office Safety Committee at our Southpointe office in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania worked to create a safer office environment and ensure Zero Is Possible. Utilizing input from employees, the team introduced several office safety enhancements focused on two key areas: Emergency Awareness and Slips, Trips, and Falls. To raise emergency awareness throughout the office, the team implemented active shooter trainings, a floor warden program, and CPR and first aid certifications, while also organizing fire drills. The team took steps to reduce slip, trip, and fall risks by installing ice warning indicators and safety mats at entrance points, placing umbrella bags at doors, and installing shadings on office and conference room windows. In addition to these safety measures, the team set up safety suggestion boxes on each Southpointe office floor where employees can submit safety ideas. We are working to expand these office safety committees to our field offices and have already met with employees in our Waynesburg, Pennsylvania and Clarksburg, West Virginia locations to discuss the development of their own Office Safety Committee.

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